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Get the Flu Vaccine - Not the Flu

Influenza is a highly infectious acute respiratory illness caused by the influenza virus. Influenza affects people of all ages. Outbreaks of influenza occur almost every year, usually in winter, which is why it is also known as seasonal flu.  A person carrying the virus can spread the illness by coughing or sneezing. A person can spread the virus from 1-2 days before they develop symptoms and for up to a week after symptoms develop. 

Anyone can get the flu but it is more severe in people aged 65 years and over and anyone with a chronic medical condition. Chronic medical conditions include chronic heart conditions, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes mellitus and immunosupression due to disease or treatment. Pregnant women have also been found to be at increased risk of the complications of flu. These groups of people are strongly recommended to have an annual influenza vaccination.

The latest flu vaccine is available in Carlton Clinic from early September so book your appointment now and get the best protection against flu.  It's free to medical card holders and costs €15 per person for private patients.

Useful Link for Info on Corona Virus

Our door may be closed but we are still here to help, please phone us on 012860568 if you need to be seen. We are aware that you are very conscious of our extra workload but we still need to hear from you.

We have been informed that the criteria for testing for covid 19 has changed. 
If you have not yet had a swab you may not be offered an appointment. 
On the above link you will find the up to date information as advised by the HSE and WHO explaining the rational for this.

Please review this updated information and contact us if you fit into a group who is recommended to be tested as per the new criteria and we will arrange this for you.
If you do not fit this criteria please do not contact us but follow the attached information regarding self isolation and restricted movement . 
We really appreciate your help with this issue as we try our best to meet the needs of our patients in this difficult time . 
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Did you know... Flu Vaccine will arrive on 27th September - call us to book an appointment