COVID-19 Update August 2023

We are continuing to strive towards normality following the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. Mask wearing is no longer mandatory, however we are happy for patients coming in to the waiting room to wear them if they are more comfortable doing so. Anyone attending the clinic for a respiratory related issue will be asked to do an antigen test when they are making their appointment with reception.

We are encouraging people to come in for Face To Face Consultations, and doctors have asked us to limit the number of Telephone Consultations as much as possible; however this does not apply in the event of a positive case of Covid-19.


If you have a positive antigen test and require a sick note for work, please call reception and arrange a telephone consultation with one of our GPs.



  • GPs have no involvement in the issuing of DCCs (Digital Covid Certificates). If you have received your initial course of covid vaccine and your booster and have yet to receive your updated DCC, please visit the following link to request for it to be issued to you: EU Digital COVID Certificate Self Service Portal
  • If you are a patient who was vaccinated outside of Ireland but hold an Irish passport, you can find more information about your DCC here: Covid Certificate Portal Third Country Cert Request